10 Questions for Parents to Ask During IEP Meetings


By: Amanda Bird., M.A., CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Minutes, push-in, pull-out, benchmarks, what do they mean? Being a parent of a child who is in the process of receiving (or continuing) an Individual Education Program (IEP) can be overwhelming, confusing, and at times frustrating. We’ve got a little secret to share: you’re not alone! We’re here to share with you ten important questions that, as a parent, you may consider asking during your child’s next IEP meeting. Know this, you have the right to leave the IEP meeting feeling knowledgeable, confident, and aware of what your child’s treatment within the school will look like. We at BOA are happy to be a resource and advocate for you and your child! Read on for ten helpful questions that may help improve and ease you and your child’s school-based therapeutic experience:

1. What is the difference between push-in, pull out, and consultative therapy, and why is my child getting one vs the other?

2. What strategies have been communicated to my child’s classroom teacher to be implemented during the school day while he/she is not in therapy?

3. If my child needs additional goals added to his/her IEP before the annual review, how does that process work?

4. If I have questions/concerns with my child’s IEP prior to their next annual review, who is the contact person and how can a meeting be planned, if needed?

5. How often does progress monitoring or data collection occur to track my child’s progress?

6. What does a push-in therapy session look like?

7. What does a pull-out therapy session look like?

8. What is a benchmark and how is it different than an annual goal?

9. How are the amount of minutes per week and therapy group size determined for my child?

10. When are the day(s)/time(s) of my child’s therapy?
Have any additional questions or experiences from an IEP meeting that have been exceptionally helpful? Share with us! You can also contact us at abird@bethosten.com




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