10 Things to Share with Your Child’s Therapist


By: Amanda Bird., M.A., CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Whether your child is coming for an initial evaluation, or you’re at your child’s ongoing appointment, there are important things you may consider sharing to help improve your therapeutic experience. Your observations and experiences with your child outside of the therapy room may help your therapist to better tailor and approach your child’s therapy session in a more functional, appropriate, beneficial, and enjoyable way. Read on to learn information you may share with your therapist at your next visit: 

1. Specific themes, games, toys, etc. that motivate your child.

2. Interests or extra-cirricular activities that your child participates in (e.g., sports, music, clubs, art, movies, TV shows).

3. When your child is upset, strategies that you have used to help soothe them.

4. Any recent changes in their routine (e.g., sleep patterns, vacations, schedule changes).

5. If your child has siblings, what their play/interaction looks like.

6. If your child is on medication, when in the day they take it and if there are any side effects.

7. Your child’s toilet training/routine at home/school.

8. Your child’s morning or nighttime routine.

9. Strategies you use for transitions at home (e.g., visuals, timers, warnings).

10. If there are any other caretakers (e.g., nannies, grandparents, etc.) that may benefit from coaching/consultation.
Nobody knows your child better than you. Have thoughts on this topic? Share with us! Leave a post or contact abird@bethosten.com.


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