3 Fun Ways to Play with a Jump Rope


Information By: Stephanie Barkan, PT, DPT

Edited By: Stephanie Boron, M.S., CCC-SLP

Jump roping is a great activity to build strength, coordination, and timing. You can play by yourself or in a group with 2 people turning the rope and 1 jumping. While traditional jump roping is fun, there are so many other exciting ways you can use a jump rope! Read on for 3 fun jump rope ideas.

  1. Snake jumping: Wiggle the jump rope back and forth like a snake and practice jumping across without letting it hit your feet.  ***For an added challenge: practice hopping across on 1 foot.
  2. Hurdle jumping: Hold the jump rope over the ground and work on building leg strength by jumping over the rope. As you practice, you can raise the rope higher and higher off the ground.
  3. Helicopter: This is a fun game for a group. One person stands in the middle holding the jump rope with everyone else surrounding them in a circle. The center player spins in a circle moving the rope along the ground and the surrounding players have to jump over the rope.

Always make sure you are jumping in a safe environment. Be creative, and you can find even more ways to use a jump rope!

If you would like to learn more or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at sbarkan@bethosten.com  or 847-663-1020 ext.192.



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