One of our clinic’s primary approaches, DIR®/Floortime™, is an approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, MD, and Dr. Serena Wieder, PhD. It provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating children. Rather than focusing on symptoms alone, DIR®/Floortime™ helps children master the foundational building blocks of relating, communicating, and thinking.

What is DIR®?

DIR® stands for Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based approach.

D: Developmental Capacities The developmental capacities are measured by performance within particular milestones. Reaching these functional/emotional milestones lays the foundation for healthy, emotional and intellectual growth.
I: Individual Differences Identifying each child’s individual differences is an integral component to this approach. Each child has a unique way of responding to his or her environment, and individual biological challenges can impact a child’s ability to learn and grow.
R: Relationships This element promotes warm, interactive relationships to help the child engage, connect, and participate in rich back and forth social exchanges. Utilizing this relationship-based approach facilitates the child’s ability to progress through the developmental and emotional milestones.

What is Floortime™?

Floortime™ is the DIR® model treatment approach. It involves meeting a child at his current developmental level, and building upon his particular set of strengths and motivational drives. The Floortime™ method helps children’s ideas become broad and rich by providing opportunities for success while gradually incorporating increased demands. This allows a child to climb the developmental and emotional ladder, learn to relate in a meaningful and spontaneous way, and become a flexible thinker.

Parents are the most integral part of any therapy program. Working together as a team allows for a comprehensive approach and the most opportunities for carryover at home. At Beth Osten & Associates, each discipline offers parent-coaching sessions that focus on its own area of expertise.